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Vegetable Garden Installation and Maintenance

Does the idea of harvesting fresh, organic produce from your own yard or patio appeal to you? Have A.J. Lawn Services Plus install a custom garden at your home. We specialize in small spaces, patio/container gardening, and raised beds. Full-sized garden options are available. We offer:

- Organic, low-input growing methods

- Watering and irrigation solutions

- Aesthetically pleasing, custom designed plots, containers, and beds

- Season-long and multi-year growing strategies which you can manage yourself (or hire us to manage)

- Use of recycled materials, whenever possible

- Programs and packages tailored to suite your budget and a variety of cost saving options

- Solutions for small spaces

- Integrated vegetable, ornamental, and cutting garden options

- Redevelopment of existing gardens

- Education – we’ll share our knowledge and work with you so that you can develop your organic growing skills

Contact A.J. Lawn Services Plus today for a Free estimate: 


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